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Prepay is here to stay


Customers want it...Utilities need it...and the mobile telecoms industry is living proof of it - 77% of mobile connections globally are Pay As You Go!
Over the next 10 years the majority of new electricity connections and a good percentage of existing connections will become Prepay, enabled by new metering technologies and ubiquitous payment solutions.
Prepay is going to be a major USP for Suppliers with early adopters gaining first mover advantage - customers can budget more easily, suppliers get payment upfront and everyone knows more or less where they stand in real time - a big change from monthly guesstimates in arrears, chronic bad debt and millions of under-served consumers...

Mobile4Energy Solution

Mobile4Energy (M4E) is an innovative cross-sector mediation platform that allows Utilities to tap into the existing top-up networks used by 2.8bn mobile customers globally.
Some Utilities have already started the journey to implement their own Prepay solution - systems upgrades, payment networks, meter roll-outs, customer education etc. but this involves expensive investment in time and resources.
By leveraging the mobile PAYG eco-system, M4E helps Utilities avoid re-inventing the wheel - no new systems, tried and tested payment networks already adopted by customers, and enabling a radically lower cost approach to metering - all for a simple monthly fee per connection.

Kenya Project

Farming family with 10yrs old Solar panel solution.JPG

The Kiangurwe community, on the fringe of the Mount Kenya National Park, will be the first African deployment of the Mobile4Energy solution. This Rural Electrification program for up to 40,000 families will be made possible by the fundamentally lower cost to serve of the Mobile4Energy Meter to Cash solution. The initial pilot funded by the GSMA Foundation will connect 1000 local farmers and villagers to the national grid in a community enterprise initiative.
Mobile4Energy is working in partnership with SMS plc, Airtel Kenya, Digital Route, Computaris and many other local and international organisations.